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Kitchen Remodel Progress

Hello folks! I wanted to do a quick post on our kitchen remodel progress. We started six weeks ago and the contractor finally finished last Saturday. ย We MADE IT (!!) through the stress of going through a major remodel and eating out of a make-shift kitchen and wondering when the contractor will be done. I will share more about the remodel experience and about installing IKEA cabinets in the next few posts. And for those who’ve been waiting to see the “before” pictures, I want to save themย for the final reveal, so that you will have a good side by side comparison. For now, here’s how our gross, UgLY, 1970’s kitchen transformed in the last 6 weeks!















Obviously, the last few pictures are not the final reveal. I’ll have much better pictures taken with my DSLR for the final post in way better lighting. We started moving into the new kitchen and figuring out the window treatment, picking out the fabric for the banquette seating, shopping for decorations, etc. You know, the real fun part of remodeling! There is no set deadline for everything to be done but we desperately need some window covering so that the whole neighborhood stops driving by and peeking into our lives! (We like our neighbors, but still…)

In my last remodel post, I mentioned about sharing a design board of all the components. Well, sorry, I didn’t get around to making a design board but I made a list of the materials we used:

  • Cabinets: IKEA Bodbyn doors in gray (island) and off-white (the rest)
  • Quartz Countertop: LG Viatera in Cirrus
  • Vinyl Floors: RC Vinyl in Walnut
  • Backsplash Tiles: Jeffrey Court 3×12 in Allegro White from Home Depot
  • Farmhouse Sink: IKEA Domsjo double bowl sink
  • Faucet: IKEA Glittran
  • Over the sink lighting: Style Selections 5.52-in Polished Chrome Mini Crystal Pendant from Lowes
  • Dining area lighting: Possini Euro Metairie 20″W Silver Fabric Crystal Chandelier from Lamps Plus
  • Island Hood: Frigidaire
  • Dishwasher: Whirlpool
  • Refrigerator: LG
  • Cooktop and Oven: Kenmore Pro
  • White paint: Valspar’s “Soft Wool” in semi-gloss finish from Lowes for the ceiling/trims/doors & Behr’s color match in the off-white cabinet color. The Soft Wool color did NOT match the cabinets all that well. It is on the whiter/lighter side. So, I got some color matched paint and repainted the upper cabinet’s crown molding. Much better now!
  • Grey wall paint: Benjamin Moore’s “Stonington Gray” in semi-gloss finish

My favorite element in the kitchen is the ~~beautiful~~ over the sink lighting from Lowes. It is absolutely gorgeous in person with all the crystals glowing and sparkling in the light. Second is the gray wall paint color (Stonington Gray) by Benjamin Moore. We’ve had a wall color change once, which went from Behr’s “Historical Ruins” greige color to this one. Our front door is painted with Historical Ruins and it looks very nice against the blue exterior of our house. But in the kitchen, this greige ended up looking too green unfortunately. BM’s Stonington Gray has a blue tint to the grey but not in the slightest bad way. ย It is clean, soothing and sophisticated, which is what we wanted for the kitchen.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will do my best to get back to you soon!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Before we get to the DIY ornaments…

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and maybe some Black Friday shopping done? I’m still in disbelief that we are well into the end of the year holiday season! 2015 was pretty eventful to say the very least, starting with my kitty getting diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease last December and our home remodel in May-June. A lot of things had to take a back seat to get my life and family in order. But now that the dust has settled, I can finally move onto the hobbies I enjoy (well at least until our kitchen remodel next year!) A quick summary about our remodel: we finally replaced our super gross carpet with laminate flooring all throughout, painted the house inside and out, replaced our A/C and heating system, upgraded our electrical outlets and modernized our light fixtures. I’m telling you, reflooring your entire lived-in house is a MASSIVE project and not to be taken lightly!! We had to schedule several weeks prior to D-day to pack and move everything out of the house. That was probably the hardest and the most labor-intensive of the project, probably because we had so much junk! Planning and shopping for the flooring and picking out the paint colors were fun. Dealing with difficult workers was not. Keeping up with logistics and handling the budget was more than manageable. After about two weeks of noise and dust and living in one cramped bedroom with two kitties, the house looked nice and new. And every weekend after that, it was spent on cleaning, organizing, decluttering, getting rid of (a LOT of) stuff, shopping for new furniture and decorations, assembling and painting furniture, mini decoration and sewing projects, etc. etc. I think we had the Salvation Army and the Bulky Items trucks come out to our house practically every week. We worked diligently on the house for about 3-4 months straight, which took a toll on all of us. I know I talked about posting pictures of the remodel on my Facebook page, but frankly, I’ve gotten so tired of anything that had to do with decorating that I just gave up on finishing the house… well, until some time passes and I get inspired again. At this point, it’s about 80% done and I am completely okay with a living space that’s not magazine-worthy. It’s just not worthy enough for a blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe when one of the rooms is done and is to my liking, I will do a post on it.

So, after all this, was the remodel worth it? Absolutely! I love coming to a de-cluttered pretty home with new furnishings and decorations. And now that the holiday season is upon us, we have started to deck the rooms with Christmas decorations. We’re still working on the living room so I won’t write about that today. But here are some pictures of DIY’ed ornaments for my pink and grey bedroom. First, holiday greetings from this cute little birdie I found at Target:


Oriental Trading provided these awesome clear ornaments that I used to make these pink balls. I swirled Martha Stewart’s pearly acrylic paint on the inside to coat the orbs. I mixed two colors in some them. You just open up the clear ornament, pour some of the paint on both sides of the orb, close it and shake it until the globe is coated well. I’ve had to reopen the globe to add more paint when there wasn’t enough. Once you do one or two, you’ll get the hang of how much paint to put in. The “Happy Holidays” sign and the white snowflakes are also from Oriental Trading.


On a few ornaments, I brushed some Elmer’s glue on the outside and sprinkled either some fake snow or glitter. To finish the look, I added a mini holiday wreath from Michaels to a big white decorational bowl and arranged the ornaments inside. Since my bedroom wall is pink (it’s actually a violet that’s close to pink), I painted the ornaments in shades of pink to match. It’s feminine but also Christmasy. What do you think?

For the living room, the color scheme is red, green and gold. So I made these golden ornaments by drawing on the outside with a gold metallic sharpie and putting gold glitter inside. These will be going back to the living room Christmas tree after this photoshoot. ๐Ÿ™‚


We got this LED lit ornament tree from Target. It adds a nice ambience to the room and will be staying as part of the room throughout the year! We LOVE Target and their fashion-forward products!
Birch-Christmas-Tree-with-Gold-Ornaments FOR WEB

Hope you all have a nice and cozy rest of the year! This probably will be my only post for 2015 and I’m not promising a more fruitful 2016 blog-wise. lol. But I still love my blog and sharing my craft ideas. So please look on my Facebook page (click on the icon on the top of the page) for announcements! And let’s also remember the less-fortunate during this season. My prayer is for the good Lord to provide them shelter and food, hopefully through people like you and me! Blessings!

**I received the pre-made and materials for the ornaments from Oriental Trading Company for this review. All opinions are my own.

Thrift Shop Dresser Makeover

You know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? That’s the phrase that kept coming up while I was perusing through the aisles of my local Salvation Army Thrift Store. lol! I was literally in treasure-hunting mode; partly because I had so much fun transforming my chalkboard (from the same store) and second, I needed to test spray-painting a furniture, in preparation for an interior design project coming up. (We’re probably going to paint lots of chairs and a community table!)

On my previous visits, I would stop and marvel at a piece of furniture that screamed “Buy me! I need some TLC! Transform me, please…” And then I would ponder, ‘where the heck would I put this in my tiny little house…?’ and reluctantly walk away…. only to return to the same exact spot a few minutes later, trying to justify over and over why I need to purchase the item… ‘What do I need to move in the living room to make space for this…’ etc. (hahaha) Luckily for my pockets (and my humble abode), I haven’t caved into temptation yet. But this time, it was different… I had a PURPOSE. (Finally! Well, I still needed to find further justification. Please read on.) ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t know this but thrift stores have occasional sales where everything in the store is __% off. On the day I visited, they were having a 40% off sale. And that’s when I saw this potential of a beauty:


It came with six metal knobs (that matched the metal legs, which caught my attention in the first place) but two of them were damaged. The drawers had cool horizontal ridges that gave it a pleasant look. The whole piece said “mid-century cool” so I totally wanted to make it mine……. EXCEPT, I ended up not getting it that day. hahaha! Only because I really couldn’t find a use for it in the house.

Well, a few days passed and I kept on thinking about the dresser. So that’s when I knew I should just get it because I would totally regret it if I didn’t. With a $40 price tag, it wasn’t going to hurt the piggy bank anyway. Although I missed my opportunity to get it at 40% off, I still got 30% off! So I was a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚

So now the decision on what color. I had purchased a can of celery green paint previously. It was a nice color on the cap and I thought it would be a soothing look to the dresser.


But after using up the can, the color just didn’t give it that sophistication I wanted. It was too meek… So I decided to go the other direction and go bold instead. Since I didn’t want to reprime it all over again, I stuck with the same color family and chose a lime green. By the way, I like the Rust-Oleum brand better. It kept its promise of double-coverage and I didn’t need a 2nd can.


It took me all afternoon sanding, cleaning, priming, painting, and coating with a clear protection in the sun to finish the dresser. (And got a bit of a heat stroke while at it. Forgot to hydrate in between… It was a very sunny California Spring day!) As for the two damaged knobs, I replaced them with a couple of drawer knobs I had tucked away for about 15 years!! (I got them from a trip to San Francisco a long time ago from a hardware store called Bauerware. They’re still around! Check them out: www.bauerware.com.) These were going to adorn my lovely French country kitchen cabinets one fine day. But currently I don’t have the budget to do a kitchen remodel. So… for now, they found their new home on this dresser. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s the finished product and the before & after! It’s not perfect but it’ll do just fine housing my printer on top and supplies in the drawers. And I ended up needing more storage space for my craft items anyway, so hey! I got my justification afterall! lol.



Chalkboard – Thrift Store Find Remake

I’ve always had a fascination with chalkboards. I love how they’re versatile, functional and if you make one yourself, you can make them into any size or shape! With a craft show coming up, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a DIY chalkboard. Here are some simple steps I took to create one:

STEP 1 – Find an old framed board/canvas from a thrift shop or around the house. I went to my local Salvation Army store and lucky me, they were having a 40% off of everything that day! I snatched up these beauties, all for under $20!



STEP 2 – Tape the inside edges of the frame with painter’s tape and paint with chalkboard paint using a foam brush (or a mini roller if you have it). I used the Rust-Oleum brand I found at Walmart. The paint can is fairly small but a little goes a long way. The recommendation is 2 coats and wait in between coats to completely dry.




STEP 3 – Carefully peel off the painter’s tape BEFORE the paint dries completely. I admit, it is hard to do this since the paint requires 4 hours to dry completely before a second coat. I should’ve went over the edges with an Exacto knife before the peel. But since I omitted this step, some of the paint on the edges peeled off with the tape. Oh well. I just went over those areas carefully with more paint.

STEP 4 – After your board is completely dry, go over the surface lightly with a white chalk. This “conditions” the chalkboard before you start using it.



And Voila~! Here is the finished product. I used it well at my craft show last weekend. It came in very handy for those last minute signs!



(Oh, a note about the free lip balms. I was giving them out as promotional items with purchases at the fair as well. I think I’ll ask my Etsy customers if they want one with the shipping since I still have a bunch left!) ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to paint the frame white in the near future. I like the current gold color very much but the frame didn’t really stand out in the crowd, which is what I wanted it to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!