• Leather Initial Keychains March 2, 2014 S-W-Leather-Keychains-FOR-WEB
    A couple of Saturdays ago, I went to a leather fabric store in Downtown Los Angeles. It was right by the 10 Freeway in a sketchier part of town. But surprisingly, there was a flood of customers for such an obscurely secret place. They sold all kinds of leather; from lambskin to pigskin.

    I … ”Read

  • Heart-Shaped Lavender Sachets February 10, 2014 Lavender Sachets - white sachet white slider 2In honor of Valentine’s Day, I made these heart-shaped lavender sachets. Which one is your favorite? Mine’s the white lacy one. 🙂 These are wonderful to use in your lingerie drawers. Or hang them in the bathroom or anywhere you want the fresh scent of lavender!

    Here’s what you need to … ”Read

  • Citronella Candle Buckets August 21, 2013 IMG_2248I ~LOVE~ SUMMER… Especially balmy Summer nights! What’s even better is sitting out on the patio, as the heat cools down to a pleasant no-jacket-necessary temperature. The only exception would be those annoying mosquitos that disrupt your much needed chill time! So to combat those pesky little things, I made some citronella … ”Read
  • Chalkboard – Thrift Store Find Remake March 15, 2013 20130315-174614.jpgI’ve always had a fascination with chalkboards. I love how they’re versatile, functional and if you make one yourself, you can make them into any size or shape! With a craft show coming up, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a DIY chalkboard. Here are some simple steps I took to … ”Read