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  • DIY Christmas Ornaments November 28, 2015 Ornament-Bowl-FOR-WEBBefore we get to the DIY ornaments…
    Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and maybe some Black Friday shopping done? I’m still in disbelief that we are well into the end of the year holiday season! 2015 was pretty eventful to say the very least, starting with my kitty getting diagnosed with stage 2 kidney … ”Read
  • 2014 Sewing Projects! October 23, 2014 Thick-Headbands-2-FOR-WEBHello cyber world! I’m back with some goodies to share; some sewing projects I’ve enjoyed working on over the past few months. It was such a relief to FINALLY check off some of the items I’ve been meaning/dying to make (thanks to my ever-growing list of things I want to make in life… … ”Read
  • LA Flower Mart + Flower Arrangements June 29, 2014 Wildflowers delivery

    Hellllllllloooo Peeps! And Happy Summer!!! After a month of traveling to my motherland, South Korea, and getting used to the time changes back and forth, enjoying my lazy weekends, etc. etc., I felt the need to be creatively productive again. 🙂 So, yesterday, I visited the LA Flower Mart in Downtown … ”Read

  • Camera Strap Covers March 9, 2014 Camera-Strap-Covers-FOR-WEBSpent a few hours this afternoon making these camera strap covers! I wanted to cover my current Canon straps with something more comfortable, fashionable and washable so that it doesn’t end up getting gross in the hot summer months (sorry for the visual!) Thankfully, it was a pretty straight-forward project, so I was able … ”Read
  • DIY Magazine Christmas Trees November 28, 2013 Tree-Star-2961-WEBHappy Thanksgiving everyone!! What are you thankful for this year? I have lots to be grateful for but one of them is my talented sister. I love her not only for her creativity but for her spunky and fun personality and her never-ending well of wisdom! And speaking of amazing capabilities, … ”Read
  • Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece November 10, 2013 IMG_2605-Watermarked for WEBHello folks!
    Long time no write on blog! I don’t know if I should be sad or happy about it. Sad because I have so much to write about but “life” took over and blogging had to take a back seat for about a month. Happy because I was able to enjoy the … ”Read
  • 2012-2013 Sewing/Knitting Projects September 17, 2013 20130917-150714.jpgHelloooooooo world!  I’m back for a little bit to play on the blog.  🙂  After my last BIG project for the year in June, I told myself that I would take a looooooooong break from doing anything remotely obligatory for the REST OF THE YEAR.  This kind of a hiatus is highly unusual for me, … ”Read
  • Water Bottle Centerpieces August 3, 2013 Water Bottle Centerpiece 1Looking for a centerpiece idea that’s easy on the wallet and also eco-friendly? Check out these centerpieces made out of small and big recycled water bottles!

    Gary Chiang Photography
    Gary Chiang Photography
    Gary Chiang Photography
    Gary Chiang Photography
    With less than one month before my friends’ outdoor Hawaiian wedding (you can read more about it here), … ”Read

  • Outdoor Wedding Altar – Hawaiian Style July 4, 2013 AltarThe next series of posts will be on the decorations I designed for my friends’ wedding last month. I had the privilege of transforming someone’s spacious backyard into an outdoor Hawaiian wedding venue! The theme was Hawaiian but more specifically incorporating the elements of earth-water-fire (sand, water, candlelights) with accents of blues and … ”Read
  • A Preview of Things to Come May 10, 2013 Amy Butler Lamp ShadeHello all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an entry so I thought I’d say hello and give a little preview of things I will be working on!
    Frankly, I’ve been preoccupied the last two weeks with a service project my church group and I were involved with (Big Sunday). Last Saturday, my team … ”Read
  • Packaging March 28, 2013 20130328-205735.jpgOne more post about my Craft Show (I think I’m secretly nostalgic about that crazy day – hahaha!) When thinking about how to package my products, I wanted something that was a walking advertisement of my brand first and foremost. Secondly, it had to be simple, clean-looking, hip and different. I … ”Read
  • Craft Show Display Tricks March 19, 2013 20130319-174731.jpgWhen I was given the choice of setting up indoor or outdoor for my first craft show, my mind instantly pictured white tents in rows with stuff hanging up on the walls/ceiling, with gorgeous light shining through, giving everything that glorious morning brightness. So the choice was easy. Outdoor it was.
    Ok, so where … ”Read