fabrics I love

  • Canvas! April 18, 2013 20130417-231944.jpgOne of my favorite fabrics is canvas. It’s sturdy and has a utility look to it, but versatile enough to be fashionable! It makes great tote bags, purses, aprons and decorative throw pillows. I love its grainy appearance and the slightly rough texture. When comes summertime (when I have a little … ”Read
  • Griffith Park (from Alexander Henry) March 10, 2013 20130310-200610.jpgMy best selling items at the craft show yesterday were made with Griffith Park Red Sage fabric from Alexander Henry. I had stumbled upon this gorgeous cloth in a quaint little fabric shop in South Pasadena. I’m calling tomorrow to see if they have anymore to secure a few more yards of it, because this … ”Read