Susan 8Hello there! My name is Susan Lee and welcome to my crafts blog, my “playground” for creative activities! My hope is that you’ll find inspirations and useful materials for your own creative endeavors here. And since it’s a playground, come play and share with me what you’ve created (feel free to leave me comments, links to your blog, Flickr page, Email Me, etc.)!

A little info about myself: I LOVE anything creative and making things with my hands! My current infatuations are gorgeous fabrics and fabric bags (I am sort of addicted to fabric…), Scandinavian designs, Pinterest (what a fabulous invention!) and my two kitties who make this world a much better place.

My creative journey began with an appreciation for good interior designs. Back in the day when there were plenty of bookstores around (oh, how I miss the Borders and Barnes and Nobles…), I would spend my evenings and any chance I got poring over those heavy hardcover interior design books and magazines, marveling at how masterfully and beautifully these designers created their spaces. There was a time I seriously thought about changing my career to interior designing. But I remain ’til this day as a full-time computer analyst (and still loving it!) The only thing my job doesn’t provide me is a creative outlet. So in my free time, I get to explore the wonderful world of crafting, sewing, knitting, interior designing, event planning, and whatever inspires me to think with my right side of the brain. I think creativity is the second greatest gift the ultimate Creator has given us. (Thank God!)

The original idea for this blog was to solely post craft tutorials. But I couldn’t ignore my love for other interests and what better place to collect my thoughts and share them than on my own blog?! So please stay tuned for posts on my latest fabric discoveries, some of my interior design ideas, other craft blogs that inspire me, and any creative projects I can partake in. Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. – I post more regularly on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ZansuCreations) in between my blog posts. Check it out for fun design ideas and inspirations!