Pasta Necklace

Here’s an imaginative kids’ craft you can do with your little ones: Making pasta necklaces!



This creative project will be one of the crafts booths at a children’s carnival this Saturday. (My sister’s library is hosting a carnival to celebrate their kids’ Summer reading program.) Who knew that you can create beads out of pasta by dyeing them in pretty colors?!

Here’s what you need:
* Rubbing alcohol
* Food coloring (as many colors as you want)
* Fun-shaped dry pasta (that have holes you can put a string through. Do not cook the pasta!)
* Bowls
* Apron (to protect your clothing)
* Newspaper (to line the work surface)
* Plates or trays (lined with plastic wrap on the bottom, then a layer of paper towels on top) to dry the pasta
* Scissors
* String (fish lines or hemp cord, etc.)
* Slotted spoon (or a regular spoon, to scoop out the pasta from bowl)
* (OPTIONAL) Colorful straws and plastic beads

(Make the pasta beads ahead of time. Pasta will need to dry overnight.)

1. Prepare a bath of rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Fill a bowl 3/4 with rubbing alcohol. Add drops of food coloring of your choice. You can eyeball how much food color to put in, keeping in mind that the dried pasta will be a little lighter than the alcohol bath. We got some fantastic Neon colors for this project too! NEON food coloring?? SO cool!! Stir the liquid until well-mixed.

2. Gently drop in the pasta into the bowl. Stir them around to submerge them in the liquid. Soak until your desired color sets in. Periodically lift out the pasta with a spoon to check on the color. For reddish colors, it took about 30 minutes to dye. For the neon green, about 2 hours. But do not leave the pasta soaking overnight or longer than 3 hours, since that will make the pasta chalky when it dries.

3. Scoop out the pasta, draining as much liquid as you can. Lay them out flat on a platter lined with paper towels (to soak in the extra liquid) and dry overnight. Line the bottom of the tray/plate if you want to protect it. They should be completely dry in the morning. Here’s a sampling of the different colors we used:

4. (OPTIONAL) You can also make “beads” out of colorful plastic straws. Cut them into long and short pieces. Set them aside. You can also add plastic beads to the necklace.

5. Measure how long you want the necklace to be, but cut the string a little longer, so that you have some slack. String your beads in any pattern you want and tie the ends tightly with a triple knot when done. Cut the extra ends but not too close to the knot. Be creative and experimental! 🙂 The pastas we used are Fiori (flower-shaped), tennis racket and Ziti (long tubes). You can search on Google Images for “fun-shaped pastas” for some ideas.

Hope this becomes a delightful afternoon of art project with your kids!

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  1. Rachel

    August 8, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    Wow, these are beautiful! Not only for kids, but teens as well! Nice job Susan! I love the colors as well…I might use this idea for my youth choir..hee hee..

    • Susan


      August 8, 2013 at 1:43 PM

      Thanks, Rachel! Yes, you should totally do this with your youth choir! You can even make super cute bracelets with those flower-shaped pasta!


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