Quick Hello

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my crafts blog, so I just wanted to say a quick hello. Hello! 🙂 Most of my free time has been concentrated on coming up with a decor for an upcoming wedding. Not mine but for a couple friends of mine. I’ve worked all weekend long to finalize the table centerpiece. Many hours of researching, drawing, planning, Cricutting, shopping and setting up the table and seeing what works and doesn’t. Someone asked me why I do all this work and for what, because it surely is a lot of work. My answer was simple: this makes me happy and I love being creative!! Well, before I go back to my edits, here’s a picture of what can possibly be a future baby shower. It’s the tablescape I came up with for this wedding but I don’t think it looks quite right yet. I’m most proud of the mini sandbox in the middle. It’s made out of a recycled bottle of water, cut in half on top and filled with sand and fun Hawaiian-themed paper cut-outs. It brings some nostalgia to anyone who has enjoyed playing in the sand (which also brings out the kids in us!)

Beach-Themed Party Centerpiece

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