Paper Owl

Owls have been all the rage in recent years! They’ve been showing up everywhere in decorations, artwork and even in fashion! Well, here’s another kids’ craft project my sister came up with: making this cute paper owl with a toilet paper roll and construction paper! Great way to recycle something into a decorative feature and be creative with your kids!


To make this paper owl, here’s what you need:

1. toilet paper roll
2. colorful construction paper
3. small round craft hole puncher
4. a small piece of white paper for the eyes
5. a small piece of black paper for the eyes
6. glue

I didn’t get a chance to take the step-by-step pictures but here is what the punched circles look like. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)


Here are some simple steps on how to put the owl together:

1. Punch out small circles from colorful construction paper. You can choose whatever color that you prefer. I like how this owl has stripes in the middle and the same color on top and bottom.
2. Cut out two big white circles for the white part of the eyes, and two smaller black circles for the pupil part of the eyes.
3. Cut out two leaves shaped paper for the wings.
4. Cut four small heart shapes for the ears and the feet.
5. When you have all the pieces cut out, glue them on the toilet roll.

Doesn’t the owl look so adorable?



And then out of nowhere, my little kitty showed up (like they always do) and got her curious nose into what was going on. 🙂



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