Cinco de Mayo Piñatas!

My creative sister, who’s a children’s librarian, has to come up with lots of kids’ activities that often involves crafts for her children’s programs. This kids crafts section is dedicated to her awesome projects (and me syphoning off her ideas and putting them here on my blog! ) Here’s the first of hopefully many!

A DIY piñatas in time for the Cinco de Mayo celebration! The sis found this great tutorial online and used this guide as a reference . For her Cinco de Mayo project, she decided to make a sombrero out of cereal and cardboard boxes. I’ve documented her progress through these pictures. (For more detailed instruction, please refer to the blog link above.)

You will need the following:
* Cardboard box
* Some cereal boxes
* Scotch tape, mailing tape and scissors
* Exacto knife
* Colorful crepe paper streamers
* Sturdy string, wire or anything strong to hang the piñata.

1. First, cut out the cardboard pieces that would resemble the brim part of the sombrero hat, then tape them together.



2. We felt that the brim was too boxy looking. So she carved out some from the top and made it more curvy.


3. The cereal boxes were really easy to cut through and work with. Very malleable for this purpose! Next step was to cut out the top part of the hat and tape the pieces together.


4. Then attach the two parts with tape.


5. She also drilled holes on the sides of the hat to insert strings that will hold up the piñata.


6. And a little cut out door to put the candies in when finished.


7. Then came the fun part. Cutting the colorful crepe paper streamers and taping them to the hat!



8. And ta-da~! The finished product!



¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! Yeehaw! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


One of my favorite fabrics is canvas. It’s sturdy and has a utility look to it, but versatile enough to be fashionable! It makes great tote bags, purses, aprons and decorative throw pillows. I love its grainy appearance and the slightly rough texture. When comes summertime (when I have a little break in my schedule), I plan on adding some canvas products to my Etsy lineup. That reminds me, I need to make a new canvas purse for myself to replace my small black crocheted “The Sak” purse I’ve been sporting for 10+ years… What can I say? I’m a simple girl.

Here’s a photo of some pillows I made; the ones with the writing and the typewriter image are canvas pillows (with ironed-on images.)


Here’s a funky tote bag I made with Marie Jacobi’s Map of Berlin fabric.


And a custom lunch bag I made for a friend.


Here are a few other awesome canvas products I found online!








I love canvas!

Wheel Table

If you like making old stuff into new, you might be interested in HGTV’s new show, “Flea Market Flip”! I recently found out about this and caught one of their full episodes online. Fabulous reinventions and challenges! One of the short videos that got me extra tingly was this video about making a set of random old steel wagon wheels into a cool urban style end table. Here’s a screen shot of the finished product and the before picture (with the host Lara Spencer) from



The reason why it got me so hyped up was because we have a wheel EXACTLY like it at home! It’s been hanging out in our front yard and every time I see it I would think, ‘I KNOW I can make something useful and unusual out of this. But what could it be…?’ Here’s a picture of it.


There’s a (not so) funny story behind this wheel. Someone had given it as a gift (pretty odd gift, if you ask me.) It was a rusty old turn-of-the-century steel wagon and frankly one ugly looking thing. Back then I didn’t have any interest in flea marketing nor even entertained with the idea of revamping old junk. So the wagon just sat there in our front yard without anyone giving a care in the world about its existence… Until one day… we realized that someone had stolen it in the middle of the night and took everything but left that one lonely wheel behind! Maybe it got its feelings hurt and demanded to find a new home. Or maybe someone who had an eye for antiques spotted it during their hunt (THIEVES!) and came back for it when they knew the dark night would protect them. (THIEVES!) It must have been a two or three man job ’cause that thing was stinkin’ heavy to move around. I remember the day we noticed it was gone, feeling a weird sense of loss even though it wasn’t a purchased item nor a prized possession. But just the feeling of knowing that someone had violated your property by coming unannounced and unwelcomed and having the nerve to steal something that didn’t belong to them. Oh, the humanity…!! Anyway, as inspired as I was after watching this video, it also stung a little bit, now that I finally know what I can do with this darn thing. (Cue Alanis Morisette’s song “Ironic”…) Oh well. I guess in reality I’m back to square one in terms of not knowing what to do with this single wheel. But here’s to hoping some other brilliant idea will come my way!

Thrift Shop Dresser – Update!

My thrift store dresser got a mini makeover! Pretty shelf lining in hot pink geometric shape! I liked the lime green color on the outside but wanted a punch of WOW on the inside. After a few trips to the local stores proved to be uninspiring, I found these awesome adhesive liners on


And here it is, the finished look!



I simply love it!!